Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sunday's crop was magic! In more ways than one!! As it was Steph's birthday we had to go all out to make it a special day for her and after wracking our brains for ideas we decided to get Doc to work off some of the millions he owes me by doing some magic for the birthday girl!!

He came up trumps (excuse the pun!) with loads of tricks!

Steph made some gorgeous cupcakes and Emma was a total star and made a wonderful curry for everyone - even me (the anti curry brigade!!) had some and thoroughly enjoyed it!! Wish I'd got the recipe off her though (hint hint Ems!!!)

Claire did a make and take for everyone using the fab new silkies range - if you haven't tried them yet then you really must - who'd have thought you could do so much with what looks like a bottle of nail varnish!!!

and last but by no means least we had the fabulous Coventry Ann teaching this months classes - which were absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
A huge thank you to everyone involved!

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