Sunday, 21 March 2010

Home Sweet Home Supplies

Prima animal bash ‘animal babble’ paper (available from Indigo Mill, just click on the link for the papers)
Prima animal bash ‘birdie gossip’ paper
Sassafras Monstrosity ‘framed’ paper
White cardstock
White acrylic paint
Pale blue watercolour pencil
Black marker pen
Lollipop sticks (free with rub-ons , hope you’ve been hoarding them for a rainy day!)
Piece of cardboard roughly 7”x7”
5 small red brads, assorted coloured brads for flower centres

1. Make a fold in the white cardstock 5” from base
2. Cut enough lollipop sticks to 2.5” to make a picket fence (I used 13 but I was using larger than average lollipop sticks)
3. Paint these with watered down acrylic paint, set aside to dry
4. Cut a grass border from the animal babble pp leaving a half inch border, score along border and fold
5. Make the flower border in the same way but making this one taller as this will sit behind the first one
6. Using the black marker go around the edges of both borders
7. For the flower border cut elements from the flowers and attach using 3d foam pads
8. Attach these to the lower edge of your cardstock by gluing the folded edge only (this should sit behind the border not in front)
9. Using the blue watercolour pencil, add shading to the lollipop sticks, then edge with the black marker as before
10. To assemble your picket fence, cut out two strips of cardstock one 1” wide and one half an inch, score and fold the larger of the two strips. Attach each of the sticks to the folded cardstock – the base of the sticks in line with the fold (the cardstock should sit behind the fence) and leave a small gap in between each ‘strut’. I used glue dots to attach but any strong adhesive would work
11. Now attach the 2nd strip just above the first leaving a small gap
12. Attach to LO as before
13. Doodle ‘nails’ with a black pen
14. To make the tree, cut a circle from the remaining animal babble pp using the dotty side as the front of your tree, then from the reverse cut leaf shapes, attach a few red brads to tree for berries and then add your leaves using foam pads
15. Ink a loliipop stick using brown ink, cut off one shaped edge to give yourself a flat edge for the base of tree, then attach the tree foliage to the stick
16. To make the tree stand up use two strips of cardstock the same width as your tree trunk but an inch longer – glue these together leaving the bottom inch open, fold back these two pieces in opposite directions and attach these only to your LO leaving the upright to attach your tree to 17. To make your window frame, cut four squares from the layout on the right hand side (how big will depend on your chosen photo) the actual frame is just cut from plain cardstock and mounted onto lo using foam pads, attach your photo to reverse
18. To make the window box, cut a bush shape from remaining animal bash paper using the green spotty side, add prima flowers using brads, attach to LO as before under the window frame, doodle stems if desired
19. For the sign cut out one of the frames from the monstrosity ‘framed’ pp and remove the centre using a craft knife
20. Attach to white cardstock and write your title here. Add brads and a little string or thread for hanging (a foam pad behind the frame will help to hold it in position)
21. Cut out a bird, ladybird and mouse from the birdie gossip pp and attach bird to sign, mouse to grass border and ladybird to fence using foam pads
22. For the ‘eaves’ cut the fancy edging strip from the ‘framed’ pp leaving an inch border, fold along edge of strip then fold your border in half, attach to reverse of layout so that the fringed part overhangs the lo
23. Finally, to make a stand for your lo cut a triangle from the cardboard, fold one edge in about an inch and attach this to the layout from behind making sure the flat edge runs parallel to the folded part of layout so that when this is folded out the whole thing should stand freely, this should all fold flat enough for you to put into an album should you want to store it. I hope you have as much fun making this layout as I did!


  1. Oh thats so cute :D
    How did you know I kept the lolly sticks??? LOL
    Julie xx

  2. Such a cute project, thank you :) x

  3. Your hand-cutting is just AWESOME

  4. This is very cute, Tracie, love it.

  5. WOW! Tracie this is delcious!!!!

  6. That is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for sharing.