Thursday, 28 January 2010

still on a mission to clear out my UKS gallery and put them on here - this was a little tin I did for my wonderful daughter-in-law, Steph, when my gorgeous granddaughter was in hospital after she was born prematurely

the poem reads:

I came a little early mum

I hope that that's ok?

but I couldn't wait to tell the world

''I'm here! Miss Gracie-Mae!"

and I couldn't wait to see you

and of course, my daddy too

and meet my two big brothers

there's such alot to do..

So I came a little early

which means I'm pretty small

but you sent some milk to help me grow

and look! I drank it all!

and the nurses they all tell me

I'm doing very well indeed

so I'll stay a while longer....

let you get the rest you need.

but I'll be home before you know it

and when I am I'm there to stay

so I'll sign off now,

with all my love

your princess, Gracie-Mae xxx

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